ODYESSEY WITHIN SHAMANISM PROGRAM 2022 with Ms. Meka Nism & Michelle Orwick  now accepting applications. CONTACT US for more details.


Ms. Meka Nism attended the GRAMMY AWARDS on April 3rd in Las Vegas! Photos of Dress Design by Ms. Meka Nism with Psycho Seamstress from the ORLANDO FASHION DISTRICT with seamstress Tracy Belleu and painted by Damian Caballero. The dress is on it's way to a Historical Museum exhibit in upstate New York showing the many red carpet and other special creations from Gina Vincenza, the psycho seamstress. More Details coming soon!


New Page - LYRICS & POETRY - goes LIVE - first round of song lyrics are now up by request. Next round coming soon. Be sure to let Meka know what songs you'd like her post first. 


URBAN SHAMAN MUSIC FEST @ ISLE OF VALHALLA - was a lovely event and magical success.

Ms. Meka Nism in association with TEA and TAROT EVENTS & EMPORIUM presented a Festival of Music and Healing to Activate and Celebrate our Community. Next on coming in November as well as more from the CFL Witches Ball Series featuring Ms. Meka Nism as Barnoness Alto (the Rock Opera Fire Witch) 

Visit for all the magical details! *^*^*

Michelle Jones, Ms. Meka Nism, Eric Haemmerle, Shana Ballard Haemmerle, Chris Villain, Steven, Chase Shellee, James Christopher Lane
APEX ARTS STUDIOS representing in full effect