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Meka Nism - Music Highlights

Meka Nism is an Alternative Metal Band/Singer, performer, artist and shaman who creates and collaborates on music, art, shows and experiences meant to empower, inspire and expand the consciousness of those who witness and participate.


Meka Nism was formed initially as an experimental, acoustic, and goth rock project called Meka Nism and Her Rusty Tears with members including Florizel Dennis and Brian Manowitz (vegan Black Metal Chef). Florida based Hidden Records quickly noticed her as being a unique talent and put her on their independent label. In 2006, “Mad to Love” was the first album recorded by Meka Nism and her Rusty Tears. The album was recognized as an exceptional artistic achievement of great beauty and passion. “Break,” the second track from the album, was the WINNER of the Songwriter’s Showcase of America’s (SSA) Best Experimental Song of the Year – 2006. Meka was also SSA’s Solo Artist of the Month – January 2007. Explosive with enthusiasm, Meka made an impact on the Central Florida music scene as well as enchanting audiences around the US with her expressive dark humor storytelling acoustic set, in areas like Southern California, New York City (Otto's Shrunkenhead & Sidewalk Cafe in the Village), Philadelphia, Atlanta, and more.


From 2007-2010,  Meka  lived and toured across Japan having played over 150 shows as solo acoustic artist Ms. Meka Nism and as J-Pop/ Rock duo Origamiガールズ (Girls) with partner/bassist Yukari Ikeda. Meka was able to experience life and culture while playing shows in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Sapporo, Kobe (Going Kobe Rock Fest )etc and also studying Japanese Butoh dance, Buddhist Meditation and more. Yukari and Meka also made a television appearance on Kyoto Television playing their popular song,”Origami Beat”. Their Horror Release of “Zombie Grrrls” and “Samurai Ghost”  was celebrated with a Zombie Movie and Zombie Prom at Urbanguild in Kyoto on Halloween 2009. They took drummer Eri Takeda on tour in Florida with them in Jan. 2009 as noted by the Orlando Weekly.


The movement to create a full metal group to support the soaring vocal range and intensity of Meka Nism began when she returned to the US. In March of 2013, the debut EP “The Dance at the End of the World” was released as the band’s first collaborative collection of songs as a band. The theme behind the EP was based off of a world that was destroyed, desolate and in dismay. It was meant to uplift spirits to a higher potential out of negative situations and to bring them to light. Meka Nism also released their first music video as a band for the single “Bring the Sun Back” (With partial lyrics in Japanese)  in October of 2013. Meka Nism’s debut EP “Dance at the End of the World” was proof that new sounds, new excitement and new frontiers have not only been explored but have been claimed as her own unique voice in the music industry.

After touring and playing numerous shows in Florida and in the South East, opening for Mastodon at the Kink Festival, and headlining a House of Blues show, Meka Nism began the journey to start “The Shift”. The EP was successfully funded by a Kickstarter campaign back in 2014. Brett Hestla, former bass player for Creed and vocals for Dark New Day, was chosen as the producer and recording began back in October of 2014. “The Shift” was released on May 1st with a massive CD Release show at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida.

2015 was a big year for the band in that they toured for a month with platinum award winning band, Trapt, all across the mid-west and east coast.  Meka Nism also played the Texas Showdown Festival in El Paso, Texas, opening for the likes of The Offspring, Limp Biscuit, Grammy Award winners – Body Count, iwrestledabearonce and more. Followed by a tour across Texas with Otep. They released two music videos during this time “Mouth of God,” and “From Out of Nowhere,” to celebrate their impressive LIVE show performance and their enthusiasm for their fans. Meka Nism “Live from Machine Shop,” is also available as an album for the capture of their onstage presence.


In 2016, Meka Nism got the opportunity to tour with the Swedish power-house and one of metal’s biggest up and coming bands, Avatar. The two bands wrecked havoc across the east coast and mid-west before ending in Minot, North Dakota. Upon returning home, Meka Nism was named Orlando’s #1 Metal Band according to the Orlando Weekly and was chosen to headline the local stage at the 3rd Annual Kink Festival opening for Evanescence, Hellyeah, and InFlames. Meka also traveled to Japan and recorded some experimental tracks at Hide Ultrabide's studio in Kyoto with plan to release at next tour in Japan.

In 2017 they were given the slot to open the main stage at WJRR’s Earthday Birthday 24 with the likes of Alter Bridge, Sevendust, Nonpoint, and more. They traveled in the fall  to Lubeck, Germany  to record the EP, “The War Inside” with world renowned producer and engineer, Lasse Lammert and documented some of the experience to share with their audience. While in Germany they played at the Breeding Festival in Flensburg. Meka also collaborated with Breyting Community Roaster co-owned by Von Coven and Fred Schneider III of the B-52's to release her signature coffee, Meka Nism Shaman Blend.

jim trailblazer meka.jpg

The 2018 release of “The War Inside” had a great media response from the Metal press Internationally. They had a successful listening party at Park Ave CDs hosted by WJRR’s SupaDave and opened for Jonathan Davis (Korn) at The Plaza. The three music videos to support this release from director Jim Doughetry showcase the energy, theatrical presence and Shamanic themes behind Meka Nism’s music. “The War Inside, “ “Trailblazer,” and “Black Sky,” are each a celebration of visual aesthetic with spiritual consciousness featuring performers like Masami Koshikawa and Lady Cimorene of Phantasmagoria. Both of whom Meka herself enjoys creating Performance Art experiences with,  including the Creature Cabaret, Hoodstock, Orlando Fringe Festival, and Creative City Project. Meka also opened Earthday Birthday 25 by singing our National Anthem, as a significant honor in her career.


2019 started out rocking with opening for Stabbing Westward at the House of Blues then doing some shows from the South to Northeast States with a festival appearance at Metal in the Mountains in West Virginia and another at the Millennium Music Conference/Showcase in Harrisburg, PA. They ended the year with the most epic show headlining at the House of Blues and opening for Grammy nominated band Death Angel.

Though 2020, everything changed for us all, Meka started the year in Los Angeles attending NAMM and her first attendance to the Grammy Awards as a Governor of the Board for the Florida Chapter of the Recording Academy. She took the time to study Theta Healing while getting her Spiritual Life coaching certificate with Magical Michelle Orwick and started a podcast called Ascended Heart Navigators with friend Nataraja. CFL Witches Ball - Rockin' Musical Theater performance of "Saturday's Song"  premiered  in October 2021 co--starring Meka as Fire Witch: Barnoness Alto.  Meka connected with the incredible Apex Arts Studios in North Hollywood, CA and studio owner/executive producer Shana Ballard. They collaborated on the release of "The Day Fell" single & other projects starting in September 2021.  Planning continues and demos are being written to continue Meka's innovative force in the metal community with a new full length Meka Nism band album with some of her favorite co-writer's James Christopher Lane, Jay Adkisson and new guitar virtuoso to be revealed soon.


2022 came in strong with a music video release for "The Day Fell" from APEX ARTS STUDIOS starring Bella Haemmerle. URBAN SHAMAN MUSIC FEST debuted in April produced by Ms. Meka with Cy Sugita-Jackson of Shadow Lotus Emporium and Ms. Meka Nism was named the Recording Academy FL Chapter President for the 2022-2024 term, where she has the honor to serve the music community through the many activities of the Recording Academy including District Advocacy, GRAMMYU Mentorship, the charity work of MusiCares, hosting and attending events, and spreading education and awareness through the board's committee work.


In 2023, Meka launched a new coffee collaboration with BREYTING COFFEE called MEKA NISM - WOMEN ROCK, founded ORLANDO SONGWRITER"S SOCIETY, and recorded vocals on Chris Redding's album "Visions Of Sounds" supporting neurodivergency, Taylor Hanson's "For Women, Life, Freedom" at Jim Henson's studio in Hollywood where "We Are the World" was recorded, and Alice Cooper's Children's Rock for charity children's album set for release in 2025. She also continued her extensive and various work, events and activities serving as FLORIDA CHAPTER PRESIDENT of the RECORDING ACADEMY. She brought focus to Hosting events, MC'ing,  her METAL OPERA SOLO (duo or group) acoustic performances at venues and events around Central Florida including Spooky Empire, Conduit, WPRK, The Alley Live, Bynx, Breyting, Deland Original Music Festival, Metalworx Live, Steinway Piano gallery, First Institute, Melrose Center & more! Meka traveled to Vegas, LA, New Orleans, Miami, Tampa and Athens to support and connect with the incredible, diverse music community around the US. 

2024 is starting off with a bang with her performance at CARNEGIE HALL in NYC on January 13, 2024 at 7pm with Vivian Fang Liu on piano & Michelle Jones electric LED violin. Ms. Meka Nism performed on her her new DEAN Acoustic/Electric Exhibition Series Guitar while playing her original Metal Opera songs. This leads right to LA for NAMM and GRAMMY SEASON and more projects with the RECORDING ACADEMY, APEX ARTS STUDIOS, COSPLAY RECORDS, FLORIDA SONGWRITERS ASSOCIATION, & more!!! 

Be sure to connect on Social Media and sign up for the mailing list to not miss out on all the exciting things in the works! 

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