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Ms. Meka Nism's

Mystical Steam Time Machine

*A time-traveling group of adventurers

who collect stories and songs

to bring to an oppressive, silent future.*

Our Story

The concept unfolds with a Victorian-era mystic—Ms. Meka Nism—who inadvertently travels through time during one of her spiritual trances. As she further develops this ability, she visits DaVinci and other important historic figures, marveling at the wonders of the years … until she gets a look at what lies ahead. Centuries in the future, she finds a sad world, void of any music or storytelling, and kept in silence by an oppressive authority known as The Absolute. Ms. Meka Nism enlists the aid of a cyborg girl from that far-flung era, and together they travel through the the ages, seeking out others—explorers and pirates, scientists and magicians—who join their quest to find the greatest music and stories that can heal the future!

Mystical Steam Time Machine is set up as a Baroque Rock band that is part orchestra and part rock band, with instruments that include accordion, violin, cello, bass, guitar, theremin, percussion, and vocal harmonies. It is a show that will engage audiences of all ages, immersing them in the journey, and connecting them to their own adventurous spirit. Comprised predominately of original creations—songs and tales inspired by history—it also contains some familiar classics that range from sea shanties to new wave hits to fandom-favorites which have been reimagined with a Neo-Victorian perspective.

Meet The League

The Mystic

Ms. Meka Nism - vocals, guitar

Ms. Meka Nism is a Mystic from the Victorian era who loves investigating the Mystical. When she discovers time travel in one of her spiritual trances, her reality changes. Ms. Meka leads our adventurers on a quest of many lifetimes with the most musical band of misfits. They travel across different eras and dimensions, encountering wonders and dangers along the way. Ms. Meka's enthusiasm and curiosity are contagious, and her companions soon learn to appreciate the beauty and mystery of the universe. Ms. Meka is not afraid to face any challenge, as long as she has her trusty crystal ball and her loyal friends by her side.

The Cyborg

The Captain


Captain Jo - percussion, vocals

Electric Anna - accordian, vocals

This 1990's riot grrl had so many implants, and electronic modifications that she survived for 300 years to the point where Meka finds her lost in the future. Anna is the source of information about THE ABSOLUTE and their control over the humans of the silent world that the future has become. They work together to gather extraordinary individuals to help return the songs, and thus the soul to our descendants in need.  

Capt Jo, Celtic born, and New Orleans raised lass become Pirate captain, and her Sea Cat crew traveled, and slung steel and made the world a better place ... and it was on one of their journeys whilst battling an evil voodoo priest and his minions, that Ms. Meka Nism joined forces with the Sea Cats, saved an entire race of witches, fairies, and humans,  and a bond was formed. A magical bond of friendship and comradery

The Countess

The Explorer


Jack Allen - bass

Eva Strangelace -cello

Jack Allen is not your ordinary bass player. He is also a daring explorer who loves to travel the world and uncover ancient secrets. He has a passion for archeology and a knack for finding hidden treasures. He is always ready for an adventure, whether it's exploring a lost temple, escaping a booby trap, or playing a gig with his band. He is inspired by the legendary Indiana Jones, but he has his own style and flair. Jack Allen is the explorer of the 1920s, and he rocks!

Eva Strangelace is not your typical countess. She is a cello player with a passion for music and science, and a curiosity that drives her to explore the world and its mysteries. She has invented many musical devices that can manipulate sound and time, and she uses them to create amazing melodies and harmonies. Eva is also a rebel who challenges the oppressive regimes that try to control her and her fellow musicians. She believes that music is a powerful weapon that can inspire freedom and change.

The Scarlet Composer


michelle violinbw.jpg

Vinylinist - Violin

The Vinylinist is also called The Scarlet Composer - A mid century women with a passion for silent movies. 

She loves to create original soundtracks for old films, using her violin and her theramin to produce haunting melodies and dramatic effects. She has a flair for the dramatic and a keen sense of timing. She can make the audience laugh, cry, gasp or shiver with her musical skills. She is not afraid to experiment with different genres and styles, from classical to jazz, from horror to comedy. She is a true treasure for capturing the songs and stories to share with a future where music has been banned and people have lost their voices. The Vinylinist uses her musical talents to inspire resistance and restore harmony in the world.

The cast of characters often collects a new soul on their adventures. There's Vikings with a passion for battle and for metal, 80's glam rockers with epic synths, Japanese friends who love swing and Vintage celebrities from multiple timelines. Stay tuned for many epic tales with new friends. 

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