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The Day Fell - Official Music Video Release - JULY 15, 2022

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Ms. Meka Nism collaborates with APEX ARTS STUDIOS to create a visual expression of her newest single release, "THE DAY FELL" - Directed by Chris Villain, Starring Bella Haemmerle.

The Day Fell - by Meka Nism

Directed by Chris Villain

Starring Bella Haemmerle

With appearances by Andre Diniz, Nathaniel Ballard & Steven

Executive Producer - Shana Ballard/ APEX ARTS STUDIOS

Piano, Vocals, Songwriter- Ms. Meka Nism (M. Strier)

Orchestrations & Engineer - Eric Emery

Violin, Strings - Michelle Jones

Guitar- Raziel

Mix & Master- Jeremy Klein

This is a story of the crumbling ideas about society and the healing of our innocence while opening our eyes to the beauty of our existence and our personal and collective powers. The reclaiming of Self Sovereignty and our creative abilities of manifestation in this Golden Age lifetime.

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