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UnRated Mag Feature 7/21/22

"Totally got the opportunity to record it at the amazing Apex Arts Studios in North Hollywood, CA. Shana Ballard and her studio family are brilliant and talented. I played this song for her and she had me record it as raw as possible. Fragile, the way it was written. Shana connected to the story and intuition of the song that I wrote on my friends’ (Sue & Hans) piano in the middle of the year, July 2020 right around my birthday. Everything was different. It seemed that the world (Worldly and personally had fallen apart.) I was temporarily homeless during quarantine, all shows canceled, work lost, disconnected, unsure what was going to happen next. So, I started playing and this is what came out. All of it, including the optimism of the new age of Aquarius, the Fifth Dimension. The world is changing, we are Ascending into a higher frequency of existence. The chaos will lead to Awakening and Peace. May we let go of the old programming, the limited ways of thinking, the hate, the fear, the self deprecation. So we can become the greatest version of ourselves. I’m definitely looking forward to a brilliant future for us all."

Ms. Meka Nism from interview by Dan Locke

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