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What the Music Critics are Saying about MEKA NISM

“In closing, I would just like to say that it is a gross misunderstanding that this band has not been picked up and signed.  I could easily see them attached to Century Media or Roadrunner Records. The music world, hell, the metal world needs to be exposed to Meka Nism, and their incredibly talented and soulful lead singer, Ms. Meka.” – Coren McLeod/ Unrated Magazine


“Did anyone order a soul crushing, female fronted metal band?” – Idobi Radio


"The truth of the matter is that Meka Nism created something new. A juicy and crunchy record, out of a genre that many believed deflated some time ago. With a lot of flourish, astute know-how, and a certain swagger that is very difficult to resist." - Rock Music Raider


“While there’s a distinct modern metal feel to Meka Nism, the key to what makes their sound more unique and engaging is the pool of influences that they draw from…they have managed to find their own style within it – one that you will have a hard time forgetting once you hear it. A band that could easily find themselves on the rise as word starts to get around.” – Katarina McGinn/ Dead Rhetoric

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“Full of energy, this band never fails to strike a chord with everyone sharing the stage from the audience. Meka’s vocals are the antithesis of the ever-present smile on her face that lights up the room. This lovely woman genuinely smiles with her eyes. The entire band is simply memorizing. Meka Nism is one of those bands that must be seen live. Don’t hesitate to meet them either. All of them are engaging, genuine and make you feel like the rock star! ” – Metal Nexus


Metalheads Forever

“Meka, is an absolute star with a spine severing growl and a strong melodic vocal that easily surfaces as the capstone of this band. Considering the past and present singers that set the stage for this like Ann Wilson, Amy Lee, and Lzzy Hale, it is clear that Meka has stepped up to fly this particular banner. Girlfriend can sing, people. And from watching the video the band has recently released, featuring the title track from their five song EP “The War Inside,” she simply seems to own the performance space, born to be there, willing to travel at glorious speeds letting you ride shotgun with a smile plastered across your face.” – Keith Clement

Global Music Mayhem!

"Meka will seduce the listener like a Siren with her calmer vocals then lash out at them as her manic screams come in full force...It’s honest, heavy and packed full of some of the most amazing elements of metal music infused with some of the most versatile, controlled and distinct vocals in metal music today.” - Diane Webb


Grande Rock

“All in all, this is an impressive effort. The songwriting and playing are years beyond a band that isn’t signed to a record deal, and you would never realize that this is an independent release as the production value rivals any major label offering. If this EP is any indication of what Meka Nism is capable of, I am really looking forward to when they release their first full-length album.” – Grande Rock



“What would happen when you lock Arch Enemy and Lacuna Coil in the same room and force them to record an album? Well, you’d probably get something like Florida residents Meka Nism.” – Merchants of Air


"One of the most promising new names of the Orlando metal scene strikes again with an electrifying EP of modern-day Alternative Rock and Metal. The band’s eccentric frontwoman showcasing an amazing vocal performance... thrives with both her demented growls and her clean vocals...pointing to a bright future ahead for the band’s red-haired shaman " - Gustavo Scuderi of The Headbanging Moose


“They experiment with melodies, dipping their toes in and out of a pool of sounds and influences. Then, they combine these creative expressions with the most important element of their music: the message. Meka Nism doesn’t just deliver thrashing tunes; it seeks to deliver listeners from their own wars inside. ” – Shockwave Mag


“A little bit of keyboard, a thumping drum beat followed by roaring riffs leads into the blazing hot title track. A track that mixes modern metal with operatic style scope. That element comes from the incredible range on singer Ms. Meka. She can go from huge soaring melodies to heavier shouts and screams in an instant. Incredible.” – Games, Brains & A Head-Banging Life

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