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Phantom of the Opera - Orchestra in Black featuring Ms. Meka Nism - August 2020 


A psychotic take on the classic song featuring Ms. Meka Nism as Christine . Like you've never heard it before. Heavy, dark and a mind bender. Available on: iTunes: Google: Amazon: and all other digital formats copyright: LS Records 2020


Video Release only on December 21, 2020 as a celebration of the Winter Solstice and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius - with SirVoh - Video by Karen Stephenson featuring Lady Cimorene of Phantasmagoria 

You&I Origamiガールズ (Girls) - Quarantine 2020

You&I Origamiガールズ
Mekaの動画に合わせて、流しながら私が撮ってるので風呂場みたいになってますが笑、そんな荒削りも含めてStay at Home。ロックだぜ!笑
今にぴったりだと思いました。フルコーラスで長めだけど、聴いてみてね(●´ω`●)♫ Mekaからのメッセージ:
This is a very special International collaboration called "You and I" written by myself and the brilliant bass player/ singer songwriter Yukari Ikeda Kitanobo. Yukari and I had a band called Origami Girls (Girls normally written in Japanese but I need to get a Japanese keyboard to type it) We had this half Japanese pop /half American Rock band for 3 years while I was living in Japan. Singing in Japanese and English playing over 150 shows together as Origami Girls and as solo acts together all across Japan. It was absolutely one of the most incredible experiences of my life and Yukari is one of my best friends and sister for life. We used to wear all red and we were supported by some amazing drummers throughout Japan and even did a mini Florida tour in 2009. The first time that I played my idea on guitar for "You and I" to show Yukari was in a subway bathroom, so punk rock, lol, but really so clean and lovely because Japanese quality . Yukari is a master at melodies, harmonies and even known for her cool bass solos. Check out our long distance duet, it has a little bit of echo but you can really feel the emotion between us in this lovely ballad even from across the world during this Quarantine time. Arigato very much! Love, Origami Girls - Yukari and Meka P.S. Yukari has a bar in Umeda, Osaka called Rock Bar in Abyss, please go support if you are in Japan ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤 . .


Vetika - The Anxiety of Never Knowing [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (feat. Bobby Koelble & Ms. Meka Nism)
December 24, 2020

🔈DOWNLOAD: 🎧 BAND: Viktor Vetika (lyrics, vocals) Meka Kyoto (vocals) Jason Parke (guitar) Bobby Koelble (Solos) Chris Brown (drums) Matt Wagner (bass) © 2020 Adjada Records - 🎼 If you would like to know more about Viktor Vetika check out the United Forces comic book: 

Zombie Grrrls - Origami Girls (Throwback Bonus)

Origami Girls - Meka's band in Japan with Yukari Ikeda - video by Studio Terms. Filmed in Kyoto, Japan - for Zombie Prom Halloween 2009

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