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The Day Fell

Single Title: The Day Fell

Release Date: September 30, 2021

Official Video Release: July 15, 2022

Label: Apex Arts Music

Distribution: Vydia

Vocals, Piano: Ms. Meka Nism

Michelle Jones- Violin, Raziel - Acoustic Guitar, Eric Emery - Orchestrations 

Executive Producer: Apex Arts Studios/ Shana Ballard

Engineered by Eric Emery, Assisted by Talya Zaidenstadt  Mix/ Master: Jeremy Klein

The WaR Inside


Released in 2018 Independent

Recorded & Mastered by Lasse Lammert @ LSD Studios, Lubeck, Germany


Track listing
1. The War Inside 4:49
2. These Years of Silent Screams 3:32
3. Trailblazer 4:32
4. Arrows of Alchemy 5:22
5. Black Sky (It’s Not Over Yet) 4:03


Meka Nism: LIVE at The Machine Shop 

Photos from National Rock Review
Orlando Weekly

Released in 2016

Recorded LIVE at THE MACHINE SHOP on 12.12.15 in Flint, Michigan


Track listing
1. The Shift (Live) 3:13
2. Mouth of God (Live) 5:28
3. From Out of Nowhere (Live) 4:20
4. Phoenix (Live) 5:22
5. Mekamorphosis (Live) 6:20

The Shift: Anthems For A Revolution


Released in 2015 

Recorded by Brett Hestla @ LBHP Studios, Orlando, FL

Mastered by Sterling Studios New York, NY


Track listing
1. The Shift 4:49
2. Mekamorphosis 3:32
3. From Out of Nowhere 4:32
4. Mouth of God5:22
5. Phoenix 4:03


THe DaNce at the End of the World


Released in 2013

Recorded by Jeffy MacLear @ High Five Studios, Deland, FL

Mastered by Sterling Studios New York, NY


Track listing
1. The Tyranny Reigns 4:47
2. Bring the Sun Back 4:47
3. Dance at the End of the World 8:36
4. Rise 3:41

When it comes round to mixing different music styles to create something it can be a tricky business, but bands like Meka-nism make light work of it, instead they lauded the foundations of metal and rock music with a plethora of different elements including electronic music, opera, Japanese pop, folk, etc etc - basically experimental music. 'The Dance At The End Of The World' serves well as the band's latest release and explodes in a radioactive spectrum of colorful sounds, from the blackness of the evil vocals that drive the red-hot riffs and drumbeats, whilst the icy blue chilling atmosphere serves well for the green fading away on the heart monitor, after all this Floridian four-piece are the more softer and sharper kind than their fellow countrymen Deadstar Assembly, none the less it's a breath of fresh air." - Rhys Stevenson/Global Metal Apocalypse

“Meka Nism took stage with seizure inducing strobe lights ablaze to frame the show's darkest metal of the evening.  I asked her if she agreed that the band's sound was reminiscent of “an early System of a Down with a female Serj.” to which she joyously accepted and agreed. Her part of the show contained even more crowd involvement, which acted as the catalyst for, and resulted in, the greatest response of the evening. For the final song, she invited all of the other band members and all of the females in the audience onto the stage, which led to an intense tour-de-force of dark metal finale.”
Orion Christy /Girls Rock, Backbooth

“Next up was Meka Nism. Their sound is defined by crushing metal chords, melodic undertones, and female vocals. The band consists of several extreme influences collected in one band, truly something you’ve never heard before. Vocalist Meka’s voice carries those opera-like notes, and then she turns around and releases some gut-wrenching growls. The band’s image is fun but intimidating, you can see Meka’s bright red dreadlocks from miles away. The crowd response was some of the most positive out of all of the bands that played. This is definitely a band that you should pay attention to and check out if you haven’t!”
Stephanie Jensen - Metal Extravaganza/Mayhem Magazine

“What more can be said about this group of sound artisans lead by the most dramatic, audacious, streak of pure energy you will ever see grace any Central Florida stage. As always, Ms. Meka brought you up, pulled you down, and pummeled your soul with her incredible vocals and dramatic stage presence. This band is an eclectic mix of components that are as amazing to watch as they are to hear."- Rose's Damned Opinion 

"A fresh breath of air in a sea of copycats and formulaic bands. If your one of the people pleading for bands to take the road less traveled and try something different, Meka Nism might just be your cup of tea.." - Mark Kilmer/Beneath the Grid Music

Mad to Love - Meka nism and her Rusty Tears


Released in 2007

Recorded by Chuck Culbertson @ Hidden Records, Sanford, FL

Meka- acoustic guitar, vocals, songwriter

Florizel Dennis- Baritone Sax, Alto sax, Flute, Penny Whistle

Dwight Awesome - Upright bass

Shannon Brady - percussion


* WINNER OF BEST EXPERIMENTAL SONG- 2006 - Songwriter's Showcase of America*

1 In the Time
2 Break*
3 My Sweetest Craze
4 Sleeping with the Fishes
5 I'm Grey
6 Risk of Love
7 Parking Garage
8 A Bedlam Love Song

We SHould watch the stars - Sir Voh & Ms. Meka

Video Only - Official Release date TBA

Video Release date: 12/20/2020

Music, guitar : SirVoh (of Gargamel!)

Vocals: Ms. Meka Nism (of Meka Nism)

Director: Karen Stephenson of Dusty Bibles Productions

Light Dancer: Lady Cimorene of Phantasmagoria

Fish Are Swimming- Ms. Meka Nism in Japan

Video Only - Official Release date for entire catalog from Japan TBA

Video Release 2010

Vocals/Piano/Composer: Ms. Meka Nism Bass/Engineer: Kanji Ichijo

Hand drums: Mitchy Mitchell

Guitar: Kota Yamauchi

Violin: Hiraku Yamamoto

Drums: Naoki Matsumoto

Electric guitar: Sho Naito

A Ryosuke Okamoto film. Ms. Meka Nism and friends shipwreck on the Kamogawa at Demachiyanagi in Kyoto, Japan where they befriend crazy Butoh dancer fish people led by Caitlin Coker, and crazy actors like Sascha Berner and Markun from Kodomokyojin in Osaka. The great wild artist Julie from Seika University created a world of fish with the help of Brian Schultz and Michelle Strier. Christopher Fryman plays the king of the fish people with his guard Chris Irwin. When they encounter the musical gypsy pirates, Kanji Ichijo, Mitchy Mitchell and Kota Yamauchi. With guest appearances by Mitsu Salmon, Ben Anderson and others.

ZomBie GRRRLS, etc - Origami Girls (Japan)

Video Only - Official Release date for entire catalog from Japan TBA

Video Release Date: Halloween 2009

Studio Terms, Kyoto, Japan

Vocals/Bass/Engineer: Yukari Ikeda

Vocals/Guitar: Meka

Drums: Eri Takeda

"Origami Beat" 

TV Show Date: 2008

"go on" Kyoto Television, Kyoto, Japan

Vocals/Bass/Engineer: Yukari Ikeda

Vocals/Guitar: Meka

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